June 28

Two Weeks: Thailand’s Islands

Thailand. This well-travelled Asian country is one of the epicentres of backpacking. Many people, including myself, have the honour to call this country the place where they began their travels, and still hold fond memories of their first visit. I remember landing in Bangkok and feeling completely engulfed by this new world, a feeling I […]

June 20

It’s International Surfing Day, Bro

At the end of May, I flew out to Moliets to the Star Surf Camp to help with the preparation and work they had geared up to celebrate International Surfing Day’s 10th anniversary. With everything from crazy neon night surfs to some of the most incredible moves on a board you have ever seen, the […]

June 20

Stoked From the First Surf

Happy International Surfing Day everyone, I am delighted to bring you my Star Surf Camps experience in beautiful Moliets to get everyone buzzing about the irresistible, infallible joy that is surfing. Shout it before you go in, wetsuited up, and you feel kind of warrior like. “That’s what we say before we go in” says […]

June 18

San Sebastian: a Foodie Paradise Devoured Bite by Bite

Water babies and hardcore surfers, keep your eyes and ears open for an announcement on Friday – something very exciting to do with International Surfing Day and my time at Star Surf Camps in Moliets. Lucky enough to be invited out to sunny France (from slightly less sunny England) I couldn’t wait to take part […]

May 25

Big Night Out: Berlin

In every hostel in this great city, you will hear rumours, stories of people who have tried and failed to gain entrance to a mysterious club, as well as wild tales of those who did. This club is celebrated by many as the best club in the world. I am of course talking about the […]

April 26

9 Incredible places to visit in Amsterdam

  Jordaan Ok, so this has been done before but seriously this is one of the most picturesque parts of Amsterdam. The scenic canals, upmarket restaurants and trendy stores mean that the Jordaan district is a hotspot for visitors. Wander by the canals, grab a divine ice cream or tuck into some monumentally delicious and […]

March 02

Say goodbye to Chicken Tikka Masala

If you sit down in and open the menu in this restaurant, a waitress will come over and explain that the menu may seem ‘a little different’. And she would be right. Because if you were expecting to order your favourite Indian dishes here like Chicken Tikka Masala or even Chicken Balti then you would […]

February 16

12 Hours In London’s Bars

Betty’s Coffee, Dalston A newcomer to cocktails, Betty’s Coffee has been a hub for those seeking some caffeine refreshment by providing a homely, divine little spot in Dalston. As soon as you go into this small independently run cafe and take a seat in the cosy chairs you can tell its a firm locals favourite. […]

January 19

Top Bars in London to Visit in 2014

From the cosy waterhole with that perfect sinking chair to the theatrical performance of experimental mixology, bars in London have something to cater for every desire and to suit every occasion. Here are some of the most breath-taking, relaxing and downright essential London Bars to visit in 2014 Purl  Starting off with one of the […]

November 24

Lap Land In London: Chilling at Zero Degrees

I wish I could say I downplayed my excitement at my plans for Wednesday night. When I actually did (casually) mention to my colleagues that I was going to an event called Lap Land In London to take part in some ice sculpting I feel that I may have sounded more like a kid getting a […]

November 14

Interview by Rexy Edventures

When I was asked by my old My Destination colleague and all-around good guy Ed, from Rexy Edventures if I wanted to do an interview for the Who’s THAT Travel Blogger section of his blog I naturally did all I could to avoid it. Then, after months of begging I finally succumbed to his relentless persistence […]

November 09

The Juniper Journey with Tanqueray Gin

‘I exercise strong self control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.’ W.C. Fields Oh what a wonderful libation gin is! The possibilities of creation are limited only by the imagination of the mixologist. Gin is one of my personal favourite drinks, and so when DesignMyNight offered me the chance to go on […]

November 05

Surviving Dengue Fever – Part 2:

The worst thing about getting sick in another country when you travel alone is the complete feeling of isolation. You don’t know what’s wrong with you but you assume the worst, and feel even worse as a result of no-one being there to assure you things will be ok. With all this and more swimming […]

October 04

Surviving Dengue Fever in Krabi – Part 1

My experience with the half moon party had just finished, and I vividly remember being in a great deal of pain. I took a massage, but every bone in my body ached. When I opened my eyes a dull ache appeared deep in my eye sockets. I ignored the pain, contributing the agony due to […]

September 19

A Brief Guide to Eating in London – Video

For everyone to enjoy I give you my very first attempt at presenting! Courtesy of My Destination  FYI for all of you out there who might think, as I did, that presenters have it easy, well … they don’t.  There were many many outtakes and frustrations along the way so anyone that can make a living out […]

September 14

Why Do We Travel?

Exploring the reasons we travel the globe Working with some great travel writers at the travel website My Destination means I have the privilege to hear some fantastic stories, and share some of my own. But talking about travel everyday gets you thinking. Why do people decide to travel in the first place? Where does the motivation […]

September 07

The Top 10 Inspiring Travel Books

My Personal Top 10 Travel Inspiring Reads You know the feeling, when you’re so engrossed in a book that you fail to notice you have missed your stop on the bus, that your food is burning or that your kitchen is on fire. Ok, so maybe the last one is extreme, but reading a story […]

August 21

Live Like One of The Locals in Tropea

It is said that Hercules was ordered by Zeus to create a city that would serve as a trophy for the Gods, so he created Tropea. Whether you believe this or not does not matter, for, whoever the true founder was they had exceedingly good taste. Nestled on a cliff top, overlooking pristine turquoise beaches, […]